Hey there! I'm a mathematician and programmer — by hobby and profession respectively. I'm currently a firmware engineer at Leap Motion. My latest personal project, largely dormant, is Robigalia, an operating system written in Rust using seL4. Or, maybe you are interested in reading my neglected blog? The Robigalia blog is probably more interesting.

Unfortunately, all my free time for project collaboration is currently taken. If you have an interesting project related to programming languages, static or dynamic analysis of programs, secure communications/cryptography, capability-based systems, or interactive graphics programs, I'd love to hear about it and maybe offer some advice!

I'm not currently looking for a job, and I am not interested in changing jobs. However, you can view my current resume online

The best way to contact me is email, but you can also send me SMS or voice at +1 (603) 852-4272, contact me on twitter, or Freenode as cmr.

Some of my other online presences:

If you wish to communicate with me securely, please send a PGP-encrypted message to corey@octayn.net with no subject. The recipient key fingerprint is 560D 0EF0 21CB 41B7 E1E3 4880 F284 F7A1 9456 AE7C (verifiable on keybase.io/cmr). The key is also available on this site. From there, if necessary, we can arrange other means of communication.